Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment

Socitm is pleased to offer you, in partnership with Hassell Inclusion, a Digital Accessibility Maturity Assessment based on the new standard for digital accessibility, ISO 30071-1.

It is a comprehensive self-assessment of your organisation’s current level of digital accessibility maturity, to complement the assessment of your website’s accessibility on the Socitm site.

The questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. We encourage you to use it as a focus for your teams or even as part of a workshop. It will help you start the process of identifying how well you are set up to deliver accessibility and inclusion in your digital services.

Hassell Inclusion provides your resulting maturity score online, along with a downloadable report recommending next steps for how to improve your current position.

Additionally, Socitm will use the results to provide an anonymised benchmark comparison of scores across its members, and to help identify common challenges in the provisioning of accessible services.


Your privacy is important to us and your data will be managed by both Hassell Inclusion's Privacy Policy and Socitm's Privacy Policy.

Accessibility Limitations.

Currently this survey requires a mouse or hand gestures (on a touchscreen) to complete it. If these limitations cause you any difficulties, please contact us at [email protected] and we can offer you an alternative way of completing the assessment.

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